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Residential Solar Panel Systems

Alpha Solar will design and build solar projects that meet or exceed your goals. We help homeowners offset 100+% of their current electricity costs.

Commercial Solar Panel Systems

Alpha Solar works with commercial property owners to design the optimum solar power system to minimize costs and save electricity costs over the next 25 - 30 years.

Our Process is Simple to Get Started:

To get started we just need your address, email address and your last utility Bill. With that information, we design an online proposal for your review without any sales pressure. We are available by phone, zoom or in person to answer any questions you have about going solar.

The best case scenario for our clients is to own their systems.  After the first year, we recommend applying the Federal Tax Credit to their loan principal.  Next, if they take the amount they are paying to the utility company, but instead pay that to the loan, that will pay off the loan in just about 5 – 7 years depending on the financing.  Imagine the feeling of being electricity bill free, and loan payment free for the next 30 – 40 years…That is when going solar is at it’s best.


More about Commercial Solar Panels

For property owners who operate in their own building, solar is a slam dunk. The way commercial real estate is valued by the building cash flow. So, as solar decreases the electricity expense, net income increases, and those profits flow to the net cash flow. That annual cash flow, not including the tax incentives, divided by the market cap rate, generally show a $100,000 investment in solar power returns a building increase of $400,000 from the first day of operation.

For triple net building owners, where the tenants pay the electricity bills, solar is still a great investment. Before solar, the tenant is writing one check to the landlord for rent, and another check to the utility for electricity. What if a portion of the electric bill could be moved to the landlord? Now, the landlord is making money from the rent and the electricity costs. And once the solar is paid off, the solar panels do not stop producing. The payments from the tenant keep flowing to the landlord, so going solar, once again, increases the value of the building from the first day.