Who We Are

Our Mission

We share the same amazing sun. We believe in a Greener Earth and Sustainable Future. We get excited everyday meeting forward thinking people like yourself. Let’s save this planet together and a save some money along the way.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, cost effective renewable energy power products and services to customers who are interested in reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint. Our values include: Ethics and Integrity, accountability, honesty and openness in every aspect of our business.

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Why Choose Solar Energy

Clean, renewable solar power is more than a bright energy solution. It’s also a smart long-term investment and good for the planet.

Solar energy is a popular choice for an energy source in San Antonio, Texas. Although the investment costs may seem prohibitive, with the incentives from the CPS Energy Rebate Program and the federal government, it makes sense to check out the long-term savings from generating your own power by the sun and solar panels. Solar panel installation is a smart investment for clean, bright energy and for the planet.

Alpha Solar Could Save You Thousands

We understand that rising electricity cost and concerns for the environment can be overwhelming. Imagine the difference of not paying those high electric bills or completely eliminating them with Solar Panels. It’s a great benefit in the short-term and it benefits the environment in the long run. By going solar in San Antonio Texas, you’re taking energy into your own hands and will be enjoying lower bills instantly.