What’s the cost savings?

Here, we’ll show you a nice breakdown of average costs and savings so you can start planning your switch to renewable energy.


In Savings over 10 Years

You could save thousands on your electric bill while contributing to a sustainable future.

Helping people save money


Average installation cost before tax credits.


Average payback time


Per kWh levilized cost of solar energy.

Average total cost of solar panel installation in Texas

1.System Size
2.Cash purchase
   (After 26% solar tax credit)
3.Financed purchase
   (After 26% solar tax credit)
3kw $5,972 $6,450
4kw $7,785 $8,408
5kw $9,546 $10,310
6kw $11,189 $12,084
7kw $12,795 $13,818
8kw $14,267 $15,409
9kw $15,718 $16,975
10kw $17,020 $18,382


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